1. Interpolated Nudge for RoboFont

    Update: Jackson Cavanaugh(Okay Type) brought this into his Ted-Nudget script. With that, you can access the nudge by using the normal arrow keys. The Script

    Also, Gustavo Ferreira(Hipertipo) added a palette/dialog box, if that’s more your style of working. The Script | Overview Video.


    A few years ago Christian Robertson of Betatype created the awesome Interpolated Nudge script for FontLab. Below is my adaptation of that script for RoboFont. 

    To install:
    1. Download the files.
    2. Place unzipped files into your scripts RoboFont scripts folder. You can change the default scripts folder in the preferences menu. 

    3. Select your nodes and call the script.

    Or assign Hot Keys. Note that RoboFont automatically assigns ‘control command’ to the beginning of your hot keys.

    For more details on the script visit Christian’s site.