1. Alphasketch: Spaceman

    Another sweet alphabet by Savannah.

  2. Alphasketch: Jackalope

    This week’s Alphasketch brought to you by our awesome new intern, Savannah Julian. 

  3. Alphasketch: Astrodoni

  4. Alphasketch: Perspective

  5. Alphasketch: Chiseled

  6. Alphasketch New Orleans

    As I’m sure you know, typeface design is an insanely long process. Often an urge will come over me to make something quickly, just for the sake of progress. A creation that breaks free of any consequences or expectations.

    So this, my new semi-regular posting category, aims to satisfy that hunger. The results will be crude. Some may eventually turn into typefaces, but most will never make it past the original post. 

    I’ll start this off with an alphabet inspired by New Orleans, and a letter ‘J’ that was featured in Kenneth Jones’ talk on QSL Cards at Typecon.